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Post liberalization software industry saw a boon where India’s IT industry took a gigantic turn taking a huge leap towards success. Soon after the boon Software industry in particular saw a major downfall in terms of employment opportunities offered to common masses. Contrary to this, networking industry wasn’t effected simultaneously attracting numerous growth opportunities. Recognized as a leading networking training provider institute, Network Bulls continues to excel towards the path of triumph and excellence. Network Bulls being a Cisco partner company has carved a niche for itself in four years of its existence producing world class networking IT professionals worldwide. Eleven back to back awards in just four years have tremendously uplifted our brand value changing the way networking is looked/adapted as a career.

With ultra-modern and innovative training methodologies, NB provides a platform where it becomes easy for aspirants wanting to make big in the networking industry to polish and formulize their potentialities. International training services to offshore students, Rack rentals, online training, summer training programs, networking workshops across India, wireless rack access, day and night lab facility, Asia’s biggest pool of experts, Asia’s biggest R&D labs, latest Cisco devices: routers and switches used in labs, and much more. All of this has remarkably helped our students to do well in their respective courses. Acknowledging our efforts and contributions made to the networking industry, Worldwide Achievers (Time Research) appreciated and honored Network Bulls with “Best Network Security Training Institute with Proven Placement Record in Networking Industry of the Year, 2014award. Not only this but numerous awards from well-known research based organizations like Brands Academy, Prime Time Research, Indian Achievers Podium/Forum, etc. have also recognized our outstanding work as an IT company.

Network Bulls is a premium brand name of the Networking Industry offering training services on variety of networking courses like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, etc. With a strong technical team having 5 to 15 years of experience in the relative industry, NB has significantly grown in terms of manpower, infrastructure, successful 100% placements, and turnover. Apart from being a training provider company Network Bulls also provides complete range of IT Solutions and services i.e. Network Bulls Technologies (a new venture of Network Bulls) is a SYSTEM INTEGRATOR company offering IT solutions, IT products and IT trainings since 2009. With an aim to make NB an IIT of networking, Network Bulls strives to create and enhance technical knowledge of its students by giving them the much needed industrial exposure in terms of accurate theoretical and practical knowledge being imparted. Also with a vision to augment such individuals into corporate professionals by providing cutting-edge technological training so that they serve their organizations astoundingly well.

Best Network Security Training Institute with Proven Placement Record in Networking Industry of the Year, 2014 – Network Bulls

Success speaks for itself.  Success comes to those who work hard for it, who put in all their energies towards attaining their goals. Similar is what Network Bulls has been practicing since its foundation.Year by Year company’s virtue has been proved and this time again Network Bulls remains upfront and rooted to its integrity. An award for “Best Network Security Training Institute with Proven Placement Record in Networking Industry of the Year, 2014” by Worldwide Achievers(Time Research) makes our willpower even more stronger and keeps us going even better than the way we have been up till now. This prestigious award was humbly received by our company official Mr. Paras Jairath (CEO and Co-founder of Network Bulls) under the esteemed presence of Mr.Shashi Taroor (Minister of State for HR Development, India) and Mr. Maninderjeet Singh Bitta (Chairman All-India Anti-Terrorist Front (AIATF)). These awards of excellence have always helped and pushed us towards betterment in terms of imparting the best available training to our students using latest methodologies and equipments.

Since 2009 Network Bulls has continued to evolve as an Institute of only one of its kind in the IT Industry making a place for itself in the market. A leading Cisco partner Company, Network Bulls has always considered students as its power and alleged trainers as its strength. Considering our students and clients as our topmost priority, we at NB ensure best results are achieved in terms of teaching our students with latest methodologies and lately updated Cisco devices. On the other hand our clients are our mode of sustenance i.e. they motivate us to grow stronger and improvise new technologies worldwide. Network Bulls not only produces quality company professionals but also fabricates quality networks for various companies and organizations.

Today we stand as a unique company having multiple sub companies each having different functionalities. Network Bullstudy Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Cisco organization which consists of the union of Network Bulls Technologies which is a leading System Integrator Company providing IT Solutions and Services. Our aim is to build an institute where students can get the most out of the training being imparted and our trainers get a platform to showcase their teaching abilities which ultimately benefit our students in every way possible. Keeping this vision in our mind we have been able to make Network Bulls an undisputed winner of all times. Not to forget the hard work and determination of our students, ultimate dedication of our trainers while teaching, full support of our team members has led NB towards unmatched success. A big thank you to all those who have been a part of our ever growing success and competitive journey.    

Visalini's Journey at Network Bulls

Brilliance knows no age, mind knows no boundaries!!

The youngest CCNA in the world and becomes world's youngest CCIE R&S (Written) certified from Network Bulls!!

Hailing from Tirunelveli, a small district in Tamil Nadu, southern part of   India, K. Visalini has stunned everybody with her sober personality and extra ordinary mind. At a young age of 13 years, Visalini holds the honor of many world records in the never ending list of her achievements. Having a world record of highest IQ of 225, she also holds the record of being The Youngest CCNA in the world, The Youngest IELTS in the world and many more to describe.

After successfully completing her CCNA, MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), OCJP (Oracle Certified Java Professional), CCNA Security, etc., CCIE R & S attracted her and she was curious to know about its concepts to achieve her ultimate goal of life.  The eagerness to learn CCIE made her search the internet for the best institute in India which could offer Quality Training with all the required facilities.

After a lot of research, Google finally came to her rescue and Network Bulls caught her eyes. She called the company officials and discussed about the course details, & got satisfied about replies to all her queries regarding the course of study. Having seen the lab images and the institute’s infrastructure through online, the choice about joining the right institute was instantly made by her. She also visited the institute in person and saw the labs, examined the devices and racks, the classrooms, and the infrastructure to become very sure about her choice. Finally, training for the CCIE R&S course commenced and she was admitted into the batch of Mr. Saurabh (NB Trainer). She was mentored by Mr. Saurabh and believes that no other trainer can ever compete in terms of his teaching style and knowledge about the CCIE R&S Course.

According to her, Network Bulls, holds the best pool of CCIE Trainers across the globe, 24x7 lab facility helped her practice at her own pace and convenience, index of the portion along with the dates when the topics will be covered is provided well in advance, the daily lectures are recorded and given to the students so that they can revise the topics without forgetting anything taught in the class. This has been a major difference between NB and other institutes offering training in the same descipline. Also, Network Bulls provides workbooks along with stationery to each and every student which is not so with other institutes.  After 60 days of theoretical classes, Visalini cleared her CCIE R&S written exam on 10th February, 2014, and got 958/1000 which added more stars to Network Bulls’ glory.

According to her, NB trainers Mr. Saurabh Yadav and Mr.Mohit Bhalla (CCIE #) played a key role in helping her understand about the depth of the CCIE R&S course, both theoretically and practically. Mr.Vikas Kumar (Triple CCIE # 30078), backbone of Network Bulls helped her in adjusting well to the new environment/atmosphere and solved all her queries , making her will power strong and determination stronger. She believes that trainers at NB believe in talking less and doing more. They have always taught their students to thoroughly study the course material and have always pushed them to do better and better. Also, the amount of efforts the NB trainers put in for their students are commendable and beyond comparison.

Hard work and determination helped her achieve success and chase her dreams. Continuous practice in the labs, long hours of self-study in the silent zone, doubt clearing sessions with the trainers, endless patience helped her achieve what all she has in her hands today. Also, the great sacrifice of her parents for educating their only child proved worthwhile as Visalini flourished to be a brilliant child, much better than children of her age.  Visalini’s parents always went an extra mile and did everything possible for nurturing the genius in the child. This shows the amount of love and responsibility parents hold while bringing up their child, ensuring and desiring the best of everything for her.

For her, time, distance and money doesn't matter when the training being imparted is so brilliant and worth all the efforts. She wants to show her gratitude to Network Bulls for the excellent training and mentor-ship extended to come out successful in CCIE at a very young age of 13 years and wish her name to be ever remembered with Network Bulls. 

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Visalini- The Wonder Girl !!

Born to a Tamil family in down south in India,  K.Visalini was a wonder child at all times. Visalini was born on 23rd May, 2000 under crucial conditions. She was a weak baby and was in incubator for 10 long days and was also a child with tongue tie. Majority of doctors had given up stating that Visalini will never speak in her life which made her parents depressed and disheartened. After similar feedback from numerous doctors, Visalini’s parents had given up hope until they met Dr. V.T. Rajesh who suggested her mother to give up her job to help the child i.e. by talking to her for 20 hours every day. He quoted to her mother “Talk to your child and the world will talk about her” and this theory did create wonders for Visalini. After 7.5 months of continuous efforts of her mother, baby Visalini finally spoke her first word on 16th February, 2001 and stunned everyone who once said there was no future for this child. She began to speak at the age of 9 months and by the time she was one year old, she recited slokas at local temples, astonishing everyone around.

Her mother used to teach her a lot of things in Tamil which completely shaped her mind and sharpened her retaining capabilities. At the age of 2 1/2 years, she was way more intelligent and confident than any other child and was brilliant enough to deliver her first stage program at her home town.  Nearly 1000 people were present in the program who kept on asking general knowledge questions to her and back to back she answered them all. Her mother was overwhelmed at her daughter’s ability of retaining things and answering questions quickly and at ease.

Dr. V.T. Rajesh suggested Visalini to take an IQ Test so that her extra ordinary mental ability and growth could be known. She took the IQ Test 5 times which were done by different doctors every time, so as to be sure about the results. Surprisingly, all the doctors had given the same result i.e.  An IQ of 225. Her rapid growth and mind development enhanced her learning ability to an extent that she has been completing two classes in a year ever since her schooling has started. Her amazing capability of grasping things and rapid speed of learning the course wasn’t accepted by the school authorities who vehemently asked her to change four schools in a year. At the age of 9 years, she had completed the Chemistry Syllabus meant for 12th standard students. Her shocking mind growth was well understood and appreciated by authorities of IIPE Laxmi Raman Matriculation Higher Sec. School, Tamil Nadu, allowing her to complete her studies at her own pace.

On December 28, 2010 the Chancellor of Kalasalingam University, Tamil Nadu Mr. Sri Daran along with Vice-Chancellor Mr. Radha Krishnan introduced her to the world of Networking, asking her parents to get their girl well trained in the CCNA track of Networking. After completing her CCNA training successfully, she came back to the Kalasalingam University where she was given a standing ovation along with a big round of applause by the board of directors for being the youngest CCNA ever. A queen like response by the board of directors of the Kalasalingam University boosted her moral and made her more focused towards achieving her goals one after another. Her popularity was so widespread that her mail box flooded after completion of her CCNA course. Well known people from countries like U.S.A, Canada, U.K., Europe, etc. congratulated her on being the youngest CCNA ever.  The accidental training in CCNA made Networking as her chosen career path. After this remarkable achievement/experience, Visalini kept on soaring high and completed OCJP (Oracle Certified Java Professional), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), CCNA Security, CCSA, etc.

After completing CCNA, CCNA Security and related courses, CCIE began to take up her interest. She thoroughly searched about the course and its scope worldwide, deciding to take up the course seriously and study it in detail. She did a detailed research about the various institutes that had been offering the desired course including the fee structure and other facilities provided. She couldn’t find any other institute apart from Network Bulls which was genuinely offering world class lab infrastructure along with Biggest Cisco Labs in Asia. Unfortunately, Visalini’s mother objected and didn’t approve of her decision of leaving her home town and going to some other city for pursuing her dreams. Consequently, she joined an institute in Chennai for studying the variables of the CCIE Course but couldn’t get a satisfactory training in terms of subject knowledge and practical exposure despite the exorbitant fees paid.

This little wonder has given numerous seminars on Networking to the students of 25 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu and holds the honor of being the youngest Chief Guest ever of seven different International Conferences held in different cities of India. Adding to her gradient achievements, she was honored by HCL Technologies with “The Pride of India” award in 2012 and also was honored as “Pride of Tirunelveli Corporation” given by the Mayor of Tirunelveli District. Furthermore on September 8th, 2012 Visalini got a life time experience as she was invited by Indian Overseas Bank for delivering a seminar to the IT professionals headed by the General Manager (IT) where she gave two hours lecture on “Concept of Networking & Cloud Computing”. The General Secretary of Indian Overseas Bank Officers’ Association and the then Director on board of IOB,  Mr. Ananda Kumar was so impressed by Visalini’s IQ  that he decided to help her in all possible ways to expand her knowledge to new horizons. He was the man who guided Visalini to get trained at Network Bulls and ensured that all her needs were well taken care of.

With full support of IOB Officers’ Association, Visalini joined Network Bulls with full enthusiasm and vigor, making her way towards the field of CCIE R&S. According to her experience, Network Bulls is the place to be when it comes to Networking. The claim of having Asia’s  Biggest Labs is completely true, the 24x7 Lab access, the infrastructure of classrooms and labs, the expertise of trainers and subject matter experts, the efforts of trainers and attention to individual students, highly affordable fee structure makes NB, the only place for her. On 10TH February, 2014, she cleared her CCIE R&S Written Exam with score of 958/1000 and now is efficiently preparing for her CCIE R&S Lab Exam. Network Bulls and its team have always supported and helped her to adjust in the new environment which proportionately has elevated her towards success and achievement. She wishes to be at NB as long as possible so as to get full support to clinch her thirst for further knowledge to scale up in her career.  Network Bulls is one of the platforms for Visalini to achieve many more Milestones in her life.

She not only aspires to become the youngest CCIE ever in the history of India and abroad but also wishes to be the CEO of her own company where she can bring Networking to greater heights. Further she wants to successfully complete all the seven tracks of CCIE course i.e. CCIE R&S, CCIE Security, CCIE Voice, CCIE Data Centre, CCIE Service Provider, CCIE Wireless ,etc.

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New Cisco Cyber Security Specialist Certification: SCYBER 600-199

With revision of the CCNP Security Training Program, Cisco completely dissolved many distinctive/individual Cisco Security specialist certifications. Cisco ASA Specialist, Cisco Firewall Security Specialist, Cisco IOS Security Specialist, Cisco IPS Specialist, Cisco NAC(Network Admission Control) Specialist and VPN Security Specialist certifications will be superannuated on 22nd April, 2014. However, Cisco has introduced a new Specialist certification named "Cisco Cyber Security Specialist 600-199 SCYBER (Securing Cisco Networks with Threat Detection and Analysis).

Lately, numerous cyber threats have been developed. Such threats have become quite dangerous for our networks, resulting in vulnerability/susceptibility of our systems/networks. Hence, the need for a Cyber security specialist is widespread. Cisco Cyber Security Specialist Program is one such course which prepares an individual for handling decisive situations like this.

Cisco Cyber Security Specialist lays emphasis on topics like Event Monitoring, Incident Response, and security event/alarm/traffic analysis. This course which solely has been designed for Security Professionals having proclaimed knowledge and necessary information about the crucial aspects of cyber threats, cyber threat detection, and its mitigation. Put simply, individuals who uphold immense/complete knowledge about the cyber threats, its causes and ways for its culmination can go in for training of this program and acquire expert level skills, gaining professional elevation.

Cisco Security Specialist certifications are valid for two years and in order to recertify one needs to pass one of the following exams before these certifications expire:

  •     Pass a 642-XYZ Security professional-level written exam, or
  •     Pass the current CCIE written exam, or
  •     Pass the current CCDE written exam, or current CCDE Practical Exam
  •     Pass the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) interview AND the CCAr board review.

Newly updated/Latest CCNP Security Certification Syllabus/Curriculum by Cisco

“CCNP Security Certification Program updated and redesigned”.

With the growth in demand for network security, a more itemized Syllabus for CCNP Security has been introduced by Cisco which reflects the expertise required for complete gait of security. The new technologies added in the updated blueprint/syllabus of CCNP Security have shaped the prospects of skill enhancement and growth with respect to individual’s career and technological future.

With withdrawal of the old CCNP Security curriculum and set of exams, the latest group of exams introduced is much better than the older set. The earlier set of exams i.e. 642-637 SECURE v1, 642-617 FIREWALL v1.0, 642-647 VPN v1.0, 642-627 IPS v7.0 have been replaced by 300-206 SENSS, 300-207 SITCS, 300-208 SISAS and 300-209 SIMOS respectively. All the previous CCNP Security exams will be available to the candidates till 21st April, 2014, after which all these exams will be swapped by the new ones, as cited earlier. The 300-206 SENSS exam is available to the candidates from now onwards, 300-207 SITCS will become available from February 2014, 300-208 SISAS will be available from April 2014 and 300-209 SIMOS from May 2014.

Changes have not only effected the CCNP Security Certification but also other various Cisco Certified Security Specialist Certifications. Cisco ASA Specialist, Cisco Firewall Security Specialist, Cisco IOS Security Specialist, Cisco IPS Specialist, Cisco NAC(Network Admission Control) Specialist and VPN Security Specialist certifications will be retired on 22nd April 2014. However, Cisco has introduced a new Specialist certification named "Cisco Cyber Security Specialist 600-199 SCYBER (Securing Cisco Networks with Threat Detection and Analysis) which provides through knowledge on security event/alarm/traffic analysis, event monitoring and incident response.

Network Bulls is all set to provide CCNP Security Training according to the newly updated curriculum to its current and upcoming students. Whereas, the training on the old syllabi for CCNP Security will no longer be imparted to students at our institute. The trainers have been made proficient with the changed course outline and students will now be taught accordingly.

Network Bulls: Success proves quality

Network Bulls: Success proves quality

Network Bulls is considered as the leading Cisco Training Institute in India. Certainly the best choice for learning networking; Network Bulls has been rewarded by many awards and recognitions in the past 4 years. It has won consecutive awards for its quality training and for outstanding placement records. Recently Network Bulls won “Network Security Training Institute of the year, 2014” Award, adding to the Network Bulls hall of fame. This has been a remarkable achievement for Network Bulls and has encouraged us more to excel in our work and deliver excellent results.

What Makes Network Bulls different from other Cisco training companies Worldwide?

We started Network Bulls on 10th December 2009 with a very small set up; Some Routers, Switches, 3 PC, chairs, tables and 2 rooms. Today we have Biggest Network Training infrastructure in Asia in around 28000 Sq Feet area.
Today we are in Top 5 Cisco Training companies in World. We have now Asia's Biggest Cisco/Network Training Labs, and World Class Cisco Training Infrastructure, which is incomparable. One of the Biggest and Best Team of Cisco CCIE Engineers/Trainers.

In Last 4 years, we have achieved:

• Network Security Training Institute of the Year, 2014 Award - Brands Academy.
• Award for Best Placement Record in Networking Industry, 2013 - Prime Time Research
• Awarded as Best Network Security Training Institute for Upcoming India, 2013 - Prime Time Research
• Awarded as Best Networking Training Institute, 2013 - Time Research
• Awarded as Best Cisco Training Institute, 2012 - Indian Achievers Podium/Forum
• Awarded as Best Network Security Training institute, 2012 - Prime Time Research
• Awarded as Best Networking Training Institute, 2012 - Time Research

Highlights of 2013:

  • Bagged Best Placement Record in Networking Industry Award for our Record breaking placements.
  • Produced Highest number of CCIE's in 40xxx series.
  • Became Only Training company in India in 2013 continuously producing CCIE's in all three tracks offered.
  • Only Training company in North India offering CCIE Security V4 training on real devices.
  • Our Master trainer and Founder Mr. Vikas Kumar achieved Triple CCIE status.
  • Highest number of placements of CCIE Security Integrated students without appearing for Lab exams. Most of the students got placed even before appearing for Written exams.
  • Only Training company in India with authentic Placement records, not just claiming placements by writing on websites or Facebook walls. Check our placement portal
  • Biggest Team of in-house CCIE trainers.

Network Bulls offer Associate, Professional and Expert Level Certification trainings in Routing Switching, Security and Voice track Certifications offered by Cisco Systems. We have an outstanding placement record and provide written placement guarantee to students pursuing CCIE level courses. Our Trainers are best in the Industry and have exceptional experience in the networking domain. The training team is a pool of well qualified CCIE’s and has experience in networking domain .Their efforts have paid off well as we have the maximum passing rate and also the finest placement records. The trainings are designed and planned in such a way that placement is itself assured at the end of the training cycle. Our technical team is headed by Mr. Vikas Kumar, who is Triple CCIE Certified Trainer and is having more than 14 years of experience in Network Domain. Our students are placed in CMM 5 level organizations like Cisco, Orange, HCL, Ericson, Aricent, HP, Infosys, Accenture, Dimension Data and many more.

Network Bulls have the Biggest CCIE Training Labs in Asia with the latest equipments available in labs as per Cisco Equipment Checklist along with the updated software and licenses required. We have 24x7 labs access for students as they can practice their concepts with much more flexibility and gain practical experience. Not only our Labs are efficient but we have the most rationalized and upgraded training methodology designed with a vision to provide world class training.

Our admissions have crossed borders and are now international. Students from Nigeria, USA, UK, Algeria, Australia, Angola, Libya, South Africa and many other countries have taken admission in Network Bulls. By showing their trust in Network Bulls it has become an encouragement for us and has motivated us to surpass our achievements. Network Bulls has made networking simplified and easy to learn