Visalini's Journey at Network Bulls

Brilliance knows no age, mind knows no boundaries!!

The youngest CCNA in the world and becomes world's youngest CCIE R&S (Written) certified from Network Bulls!!

Hailing from Tirunelveli, a small district in Tamil Nadu, southern part of   India, K. Visalini has stunned everybody with her sober personality and extra ordinary mind. At a young age of 13 years, Visalini holds the honor of many world records in the never ending list of her achievements. Having a world record of highest IQ of 225, she also holds the record of being The Youngest CCNA in the world, The Youngest IELTS in the world and many more to describe.

After successfully completing her CCNA, MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), OCJP (Oracle Certified Java Professional), CCNA Security, etc., CCIE R & S attracted her and she was curious to know about its concepts to achieve her ultimate goal of life.  The eagerness to learn CCIE made her search the internet for the best institute in India which could offer Quality Training with all the required facilities.

After a lot of research, Google finally came to her rescue and Network Bulls caught her eyes. She called the company officials and discussed about the course details, & got satisfied about replies to all her queries regarding the course of study. Having seen the lab images and the institute’s infrastructure through online, the choice about joining the right institute was instantly made by her. She also visited the institute in person and saw the labs, examined the devices and racks, the classrooms, and the infrastructure to become very sure about her choice. Finally, training for the CCIE R&S course commenced and she was admitted into the batch of Mr. Saurabh (NB Trainer). She was mentored by Mr. Saurabh and believes that no other trainer can ever compete in terms of his teaching style and knowledge about the CCIE R&S Course.

According to her, Network Bulls, holds the best pool of CCIE Trainers across the globe, 24x7 lab facility helped her practice at her own pace and convenience, index of the portion along with the dates when the topics will be covered is provided well in advance, the daily lectures are recorded and given to the students so that they can revise the topics without forgetting anything taught in the class. This has been a major difference between NB and other institutes offering training in the same descipline. Also, Network Bulls provides workbooks along with stationery to each and every student which is not so with other institutes.  After 60 days of theoretical classes, Visalini cleared her CCIE R&S written exam on 10th February, 2014, and got 958/1000 which added more stars to Network Bulls’ glory.

According to her, NB trainers Mr. Saurabh Yadav and Mr.Mohit Bhalla (CCIE #) played a key role in helping her understand about the depth of the CCIE R&S course, both theoretically and practically. Mr.Vikas Kumar (Triple CCIE # 30078), backbone of Network Bulls helped her in adjusting well to the new environment/atmosphere and solved all her queries , making her will power strong and determination stronger. She believes that trainers at NB believe in talking less and doing more. They have always taught their students to thoroughly study the course material and have always pushed them to do better and better. Also, the amount of efforts the NB trainers put in for their students are commendable and beyond comparison.

Hard work and determination helped her achieve success and chase her dreams. Continuous practice in the labs, long hours of self-study in the silent zone, doubt clearing sessions with the trainers, endless patience helped her achieve what all she has in her hands today. Also, the great sacrifice of her parents for educating their only child proved worthwhile as Visalini flourished to be a brilliant child, much better than children of her age.  Visalini’s parents always went an extra mile and did everything possible for nurturing the genius in the child. This shows the amount of love and responsibility parents hold while bringing up their child, ensuring and desiring the best of everything for her.

For her, time, distance and money doesn't matter when the training being imparted is so brilliant and worth all the efforts. She wants to show her gratitude to Network Bulls for the excellent training and mentor-ship extended to come out successful in CCIE at a very young age of 13 years and wish her name to be ever remembered with Network Bulls. 

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